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We are committed to helping your brand navigate through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges,
as ESG performance is a key factor in your business success.
Being transparent about your ESG commitments
Telling a compelling story about your ESG journey
Partnering organizations that make a difference
Educating your community about ESG
Promoting your corporate social responsibility

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Green Deal Challenge

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in business decision-making. There is a growing demand for businesses to provide transparent and reliable information about their sustainability performance.

Just starting in 2024, large and listed companies in EU (excluding micro-enterprises) will be required to report on their sustainability performance under the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

This will ensure that all stakeholders, including customers and consumers, have a voice in shaping the future of sustainability by making informed choices about the companies they are involved with.


Reports published in 2025

Large listed companies, large banks, and large insurance undertakings, with more than 500 employees (previously under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive)


Reports published in 2026

Other large companies, including other large non-EU listed companies


Reports published in 2027 *

Listed SMEs, including non-EU listed SMEs+

* Small can opt out until 2028

Plan your ESG
Understanding the disclosure requirements, including the effort needed to gather information and develop reporting systems.
Involve all stakeholders
Assessing the impact of ESG reporting on multiple entities in the organization to determine the level of preparation needed.
Standards alignment
Aligning the plan with the standards that span ESG topics and provide insight into a company's sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities.
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