Aura Partners is a Consultant expert in the upbringing of contents and strategies to support businesses in Marketing.

All the projects we develop aim to include and link the target to brands or businesses in order to attract, retain and encourage costumer’s attention.

Nowadays consumers are different, better informed and more demanding. We have to catch their attention, promote the audience engagement, converting prospects into sales. Aware of this reality we work project by project to create engaged customers to their businesses.

We challenge customers to work as our partners promoting a multidisciplinary teamwork, projected by the qualified resources of Aura Partners accessible to any SME.

Aura Partners is formed by professionals driven for results, who analyse businesses opportunities in their markets, but more important then this we transform client’s needs into sales.


In Aura Partners we like challenges! We have a work formula that allows us to make any idea or project shine. Find it!

How to create more value?

Find out the need.

What do we have to know?

Studying, analysing and understanding the market.

How do we get there?

Planning a strategy

Which is the right answer?

Developing goals.

How do
we check
the results?

Monitoring and analysing persistently the outcomes.

How do
we check
the results?

Monitoring and analysing persistently the outcomes.


Marketing Projects

In this field we develop strategies, plans, campaigns and Marketing Studies in different domains we work...

Communication Projects

In this area we create, develop and implement strategies and campaigns that take companies and brands closer to their target...

Businesses Strategies

We study, organize, develop reflexions and support business strategies, either at the beginning of an idea, or in businesses different stages....


10 Books that inspire our work.

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SME Marketing.

Marketing is always an interesting challenge to any business, no matter its size or area. It is essential in the normal relationship between...

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