10 Books that inspire our work.

This is a 10 list books that inspire our work day by day, which are in the projects we develop. It always be unfair for some books and authors left behind. They are also an inspiration to our work. These 10 books are our selection, according to their release date.


“Permission Marketing”, 1999
Seth Godin

Godin is one of the most influent and brilliant gurus in Online Marketing. We write that businesses cannot depend exclusively on traditional forms (interruption marketing), such as magazine ads, mailings, radio or TV ads. Marketing of Permission allows businesses to develop long-term relationships with their costumers and to improve the chances for sales. To call one’s attention we have to get his/her agreement, giving something in exchange: a free sample, good discount, a contest or just an opinion research.

"Positioning”, 2000
Al Ries and Jack Trout

This book is a revolutionary approach to create an image in consumer’s minds. It reflects the weaknesses and strengths of a business. Ries and Trout tell stories about cases and analysis of the most extraordinary successes and fails in the history of marketing. It’s authors teach how to use the technics that the main marketing or consultant agencies use to get the largest possible market share and to turn the business into a well known brand familiar to everybody.

“Blue Ocean Strategy”, 2005
W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

The Blue Ocean Strategy keeps on challenging everything we knew about to compete in more and more competitive markets. Based on a study of 150 cases of businesses with more than 100 years of activity and 30 industries, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. Came to the conclusion that lasting success is due to the creation of blue oceans “New spaces of unexploited markets”. The businesses that create new niches making competition irrelevant and finding a new and more sustained way to growth.

“Made to Stick”, 2007
Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Chip and Dan Heath’s approach in this book - the reason why some ideas develop while others die and how to make their survival chances better. They reveal the anatomy of the ideas that impress us and explain how to make them successful. Besides they applied “human scale principle”, using “Velcro Theory of Memory” and creating “gaps of curiosity”. Provocative they open our eyes in a surprisingly and funny way showing the essential principals of a wining idea. This is a book that has changed the way we communicate ideas.

“Free”, 2009
Chris Anderson

Nowadays “free of charge” is the number one strategy in the Internet. It is the best argument to attract leads and costumers in a website, social network or in social communication online. It is not by chance that there is a large amount of books and free webminars in the digital channel. It is one of the ways businesses have found to work long-term relationships. This is practically a book about economy that reveals how businesses in digital channel manage to transform free services into millions or billions of euros.

“Buyology”, 2010
Martin Lindstrom

How much do we know about our decisions to buy? In Buyology, Lindstrom, elected as one of the most influent persons in the world by Time (2009) reveals the results of his innovating 3 years studies of neuromarketing in which he observed the brains of 200 volunteers all over the world and checked how they reacted to different ads, logos, brands and products. The results were surprising and destroyed much of what we took for granted about what seduces us motivates our interest and makes us buy.

“Marketing 3.0”, 2010
Philip Kotler

This new kind of Marketing deals with people not mere consumers but has complex and multiform beings. These new consumers are choosing products and services that can satisfy their needs of participation, creativity, community, and idealism. In this book Philip Kotler the most influent guru in the area of Marketing across the ages, shows us why the future of marketing lays in creating products, services and businesses that inspire, include and show the values of those who buy – costumers.

“Enchantment”, 2012
Guy Kawasaki

Kawasaki converts hostility into civism and relationship. In this book he turns sceptics and cynics into believe and indecision into loyalty. This can happen during a purchase, a business negotiation or Facebook updating. When this is correctly done, it is more powerful than any persuasive technique, influence or traditional marketing. The author argues that in the personal and business interaction the objective is not only to get what one’s, but to cause a voluntary lasting and pleasant change in the others. Only this way the hearts and the minds can be changed and lead to action.

“Contagious”, 2013
Jonah Berger

What makes things popular? Why do people talk more about certain products and ideas than about others? Why do some stories turn viral? Jonah Berger spent last decade giving answers to these questions. In this book he reveals the secret behind the science of “word-a-mouth” advertising and of social transmission. He joins together an innovating research with powerful stories explaining why and showing how to take advantage of these concepts in order to create a viral content. He describes a set of techniques and strategies to help in the creation of shared and contagious contents.

“Epic Content Marketing”, 2013
Joe Pullizzi

One of the most important expert on Content Marketing, Joe Pullizzi, explains through the creation of relevant content, how to turn prospects into costumers, making them to get involved with the brands. This book explains how to create a content that informs and entertains and that makes costumers act – without any need to tell them anything else. Besides he says that if the right content is delivered to the right person at the right time, it is as if we enter directly in the hearts and minds if these costumers. To reach this it is necessary to position the business as an expert in its industry.


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10 Books that inspire our work.

This is a 10 list books that inspire our work day by day, which are in the projects we develop. It always be unfair for some books and authors ...

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